Live event careers for girls

With our first project 'Live Event Careers for Girls' we aim to generate interest in live production careers under girls who have not yet chosen their path after high school.

'Live Event Careers for Girls' is explicitly aimed at the currently underrepresented group backstage: women*.

We host inspiration days in music venues throughout the Netherlands. Here, participants can get a taste of what working on and around a stage entails: how does the audio system work in basic terms, how is the lighting system suspended above the stage and operated from front of house, what does a stage manager actually do and what else is involved on the show day? Told from a practical perspective, based on many years of work experience in the industry.

The inspiration days are aimed at girls aged 15 - 17, but all ages are welcome. Of course we also encourage gender diverse kids to pursue live music careers and we extend a warm welcome to them to participate in our our inspiration days.

* Research among 20 music venues in the Netherlands shows that only 15% of all lighting, audio and stage crew are women.